Hiring in healthcare is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Unlock a world of top healthcare talent with Greenlife Healthcare Staffing—where swift, precise staffing solutions meet your facility’s every need. Let us bridge your staffing gaps, ensuring better hires and lower turnover. Make sure your patients receive the highest standard of care without delay


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Greenlife’s government healthcare streamlines hiring, offers flexibility, ensures compliance, reduces administrative burden, and improves retention by matching the right talent with your organizational culture. With our vast pool of vetted and cleared professionals, we make hiring a breeze!


Accelerate the direct hire recruitment process with us! We offer a broad talent network, ensure candidate quality, align with organizational culture, and reduce hiring complexities, all of which results in long-term retention and increased employee satisfaction.


Temporary teammates ordinarily come with administrative headaches. Greenlife relieves all your issues by providing a seamless process from sourcing to onboarding, payroll and benefits management, and offboarding. Love your employee and want to make a full-time offer? No problem! We’ll handle it for you!


Hiring locum tenens employees through Greenlife ensures rapid placement of vetted professionals, operational continuity, flexibility in staffing, streamlined administrative processes, including HR and payroll, and adaptability to immediate or seasonal healthcare demands.


Hiring in healthcare requires quick recruitment of qualified professionals who also meet strict patient care standards.

Greenlife Healthcare Staffing is dedicated to improving the hiring process of healthcare staffing.

Premier Access to Healthcare Talent

Greenlife Healthcare Staffing connects you to an expansive network of pre-vetted healthcare professionals. With our specialized focus, your facility gains immediate access to a wide spectrum of talent, from nurses to specialist physicians, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Rapid Placement Services

At Greenlife Healthcare Staffing, we understand the critical nature of healthcare staffing. Our streamlined recruitment processes are designed to fill your vacancies quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your patient care standards remain uninterrupted by staffing shortages.

Adaptive Staffing Solutions

Recognizing the dynamic nature of healthcare demands, Greenlife Healthcare Staffing offers adaptable staffing options. Whether you’re facing seasonal peaks, adjusting to a pandemic, or expanding services, our flexible staffing models, including temporary, temp-to-perm, and contract placements, are tailored to meet your evolving needs.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

Partnering with Greenlife Healthcare Staffing reduces the financial and administrative burden of hiring. We absorb the costs associated with advertising, screening, and interviewing, alongside managing the onboarding logistics such as background checks and credential verification, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

Ensured Compliance and Reduced Risk

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of healthcare is a challenge Greenlife Healthcare Staffing is prepared to meet. We ensure that all professionals are fully credentialed and compliant with industry standards, minimizing your legal and compliance risks and safeguarding your reputation.



I was consistently impressed by the responsiveness to my inquiries and concerns. Whether it was a quick question via email or a detailed discussion over the phone, someone was always readily available to offer support and guidance, which gave me immense confidence and reassurance throughout the process.

– Paula

I was frustrated with my current method of finding qualified Chiropractors for my practice. I received negative responses and got nowhere until I went to Greenlife Healthcare Staffing for help. Within two weeks, they found me two excellent candidates and I was very pleased. I would recommend this company because of their high level of professionalism.


Greenlife was very helpful and professional. They made my experience of setting up an interview very easy and connected me to a great practice. Everyone I spoke with was very nice, knowledgeable, and pleasant to communicate with. I would definitely recommend their services!

 – Y.H. 


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