LocuM tenens

Utilizing a staffing agency for locum tenens employees is vital for your healthcare business, ensuring quick, seamless replacement of crucial staff to maintain uninterrupted patient care and operational efficiency. Your strategic partnership with Greenlife Healthcare Staffing safeguards your facility’s standards and reputation.


Turn to Greenlife Healthcare Staffing for Urgent, Qualified, and Reliable Employees

Greenlife Healthcare Staffing is the locum tenens staffing firm of choice. We maintain a database of qualified, ready, and reliable physicians, PAs, nurses, and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and expertly manage HR and payroll. This comprehensive approach ensures healthcare facilities can focus on delivering exceptional patient care while we handle the complexities of staffing.

Our dedication to efficiency and quality makes us a trusted partner for healthcare providers needing reliable locum tenens solutions that cover all bases from recruitment to compensation.


The Benefits of Hiring Through Us

Faster Sourcing

With GLHS, your open jobs reach a broader audience of thousands of qualified and available candidates.

Experienced Interviewers
Your Greenlife recruiters are experienced in hiring for government, state, or city positions.
Background Checks
The hiring process is seamless as we manage all license checks, necessary clearances, and background checks.
Easy Onboarding & Offboarding

Onboarding and training can be managed by us, or in partnership with your team. Offboarding is even simpler as we can reallocate employees quickly and without issue.

Managed Payroll & Benefits
Worried about the speed of bringing an employee onboard? With GLHS, payroll and benefits are a breeze.



I would highly recommend Greenlife Healthcare staffing to anyone. The staff is extremely professional and courteous.


Best Agency ever worked with. The onboarding process was smooth.They make sure everything went fine and also ready to assist you with any concerns. I would recommend them.👍


The whole team at Greenlife is so helpful and supportive throughout the entire job application process! It was a pleasure to work with them.



Transform your staffing challenges into solutions with Greenlife Healthcare Staffing – where finding the perfect healthcare professionals is fast, efficient, and tailored to your needs.

If you’d like to contact us about an open position, please reach out here.